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At Earth Anchors Ltd we offer all of our products with installation service on request. Our dedicated team will liaise with you to find a suitable time and location for your product to go.

All our products can be installed into soft or hard ground with several different methods at our disposal.

For surfaces that we class as "soft" such as grass, we always recommend using our unique Earth Anchor system. This is a cost-effective and fast way of fixing a bin. seat, or table to the ground. The tried and tested concrete-in method, is still an option for every product we offer.

For hard surfaces such as concrete or tarmac, products are bolted to the ground. These can have additional tamper-proof covers to prevent even the most determined thieves.

Please browse a Selection of our Installations:
Red Double Notice Boards on Backing panel with posts
St,Augustines Church - Bespoke Notice Board Installation

 Blue All Steel Perforated Seats
Billericay School - 1.8m Ranger Seats

Perforated wall hung steel benches, painted green, and bolted to wall
Homes for Haringay Installation - Wall Mounted Ranger Benches

Curved perforated steel benches, painted silver, bolted down
Mayfield School Installation - 3m Curved Ranger Benches

Black Recycled Plastic with Red Steel Framed Tables on decked roof terrace.
The Pillbox Rooftop Installation - Forest Saver Picnic Tables

3 Meter perforated steel benches painted blue
Varndean School Installation - Ranger Benches

Triangular perforated steel picnic tables painted blue
Wexham School Installation - Ranger Tri-Tables

U Shaped, Recycled Plastic Benches with reading seat
York House School Installation - Bespoke Reading Bench