Wheelchair-Accessible Picnic Tables

Inclusive and accessible outdoor spaces are crucial for ensuring that everyone can enjoy the great outdoors. Wheelchair-accessible picnic tables are a simple yet effective way to make your park, school, pub garden, or any other public or commercial space more inclusive.

These tables provide a comfortable and convenient seating option for individuals in wheelchairs and nursing chairs and can also make life easier for parents with pushchairs. By providing these tables, you can make sure that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy picnics, outdoor meals, and other activities in your space.

The Importance of Wheelchair Accessible Picnic Tables

When planning public outdoor spaces, it is essential to consider how wheelchair users, parents with infants and small children in pushchairs, and those with other disabilities can access and enjoy the area. Inclusive design must be taken into account when creating new parks and recreational areas that are tailored for everyone’s use.

Incorporating wheelchair-accessible picnic tables and disabled-access picnic tables into outdoor spaces will broaden their scope of use, ensuring that a diverse range of people feel welcome to come and visit. A wheelchair user should have the same opportunity to experience a picturesque view or bask in the sun at a picnic table as anyone else, and installing wheelchair-accessible picnic tables brings this inclusion one step closer to reality.

Outdoor activities can provide a range of benefits, such as increasing physical activity and improving mental well-being. For many people, however, access to outdoor spaces can be difficult or even impossible. For everyone to reap the same rewards, there must be inclusive and accessible outdoor spaces available.

Wheelchair-accessible picnic tables and other disabled-access picnic tables should be placed in parks, playgrounds and recreation areas to reduce barriers to outdoor activities. Check out our guide to creating accessible playgrounds and parks for a more in-depth look at why this is so important and for some useful design tips.

Choices of Material

When looking for wheelchair-accessible picnic tables for your outdoor area, you have an array of materials to choose from, including steel, wood and recycled plastic. All can be customised, depending on your requirements. When making the decision on which type of wheelchair-accessible picnic table is best to use it is important to consider the level of usage that is expected, as this may affect the longevity or performance of the wheelchair-access picnic table.


Steel wheelchair-access picnic tables serve as a high quality and durable option for wheelchair users looking to enjoy outdoor recreation such as picnics. The Ranger Tri Table Wheelchair Accessible is the perfect example of what’s possible.

Not only are these steel picnic tables wheelchair friendly, but they are also designed with safety and accessibility for pushchairs in mind. This makes them perfect for families with young children whose pushchairs can be pushed into the wheelchair-accessible picnic tables with ease.


Wooden wheelchair-accessible picnic tables are an ideal choice for creating an inviting outdoor environment. Their design not only allows wheelchair access but also ensures pushchair access, making them suitable for families and caregivers too. Made from fast growing softwoods, the Timber Wheelchair Accessible A Frame Picnic Table is long-lasting, even in harsh weather conditions. A perfect addition to parks and

other recreational areas, these classic wheelchair-accessible picnic tables offer a timeless style that is sure to please everyone who uses them.

Recycled Plastic

Not only do recycled plastic wheelchair access picnic tables like the Surrey 2M Wheelchair Accessible Table offer convenience to wheelchair users, but they also contribute to healthier and cleaner environments due to being eco-friendly. These tables are highly durable thanks to the use of recycled plastics while ensuring that less plastic waste ends up in landfills or oceans. Also important is the fact that these tables provide excellent hygiene levels due to protection from bacteria growth. They’re adaptable too. For example, the Surrey 3M Wheelchair Accessible Table can be modified to match your needs, either seating up to ten able-bodied people plus the space for a wheelchair or eight people with space for two wheelchairs. So it can also accommodate multiple wheelchair users as well as those with pushchairs, making wheelchair-access picnic tables an all-around win for everyone.

The Benefits of Wheelchair Accessible Picnic Tables

Wheelchair-accessible picnic tables offer many advantages for people requiring wheelchair access as well as those chair-bound due to injury or age. People can comfortably and safely join in the fun, enjoying meals and other activities alongside their wheelchair-using friends in an environment that is fully inclusive.

Accessible picnic tables have been designed with the specific needs of wheelchair users in mind and are built to last. Made out of robust materials, these disabled access picnic tables will not only withstand the elements but provide wheelchair users with a safe and secure place to dine or simply relax and socialise outdoors.

This kind of table allows wheelchair users to sit around the table with friends or family, rather than having to be positioned away from the group. The ability to enjoy more integrated experiences with their friends can increase inclusion and confidence levels, which is why wheelchair-accessible picnic tables are becoming more popular.

All in all, wheelchair-accessible picnic tables represent a fantastic innovation for wheelchair users, offering them unprecedented levels of comfort and convenience while contributing to greater social inclusion — something we should all be striving for!

Where Wheelchair Accessible Picnic Tables Are Used

There’s simply no end to the kinds of places where picnic tables and their wheelchair-accessible versions can be used — but let’s discuss a few of the top options:

Parks and Public Spaces

Wheelchair-accessible picnic tables are becoming increasingly popular in public spaces and parks. This is due to the push for disabled access in all areas and activities, including recreational ones. These wheelchair-accessible picnic tables improve the quality of life of wheelchair users who wish to partake in outdoor activities and make it possible for them to enjoy socialising with friends outdoors.


Schools and Playgrounds

Providing wheelchair-accessible picnic tables in schools and playgrounds is an important step towards fostering a more inclusive environment for students, young adults and families. The wheelchair-accessible picnic tables allow wheelchair users to conveniently participate in activities that require seating in areas of the school which are usually not wheelchair accessible. Moreover, having wheelchair-accessible seating also allows parents of wheelchair-bound children or adults with a disability to join them during activities by providing them with safe and comfortable seating options. While wheelchair-accessible picnic tables are not new, they are becoming increasingly important fixtures in schools and playgrounds. By providing access to wheelchair users, as well as people with pushchairs or other accessibility needs, such tables can have a huge impact on individuals taking part in the activities offered by these areas.


Pub gardens and outdoor dining areas

Wheelchair-accessible picnic tables are the perfect addition to enhance pub gardens, outdoor dining areas and other outdoor dining spaces. These wheelchair-accessible tables provide a comfortable and safe space for wheelchair users and their friends or family members on outings. The specially designed wheelchair-accessible picnic tables provide enough room for wheelchair users or pushchairs as well as other seating occupants depending on the available space.

Other Popular Locations for Wheelchair Accessible Picnic Tables

In addition to parks, schools, and pub gardens, there are many other types of places that can benefit from wheelchair-accessible picnic tables. Some examples include:

  • Outdoor areas at hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities
  • Beaches, where the accessible tables can provide a convenient and comfortable seating option for people in wheelchairs, nursing chairs, and pushchairs
  • Campgrounds and other outdoor recreational areas
  • Shopping centres and other public spaces where people may want to take a break and have a picnic or snack

Outdoor events and festivals, where the accessible tables can provide a convenient seating option for individuals with mobility impairments. Overall, any outdoor space where accessibility is important can benefit from the inclusion of wheelchair-accessible picnic tables.

Maintenance of Wheelchair Accessible Picnic Tables

Proper maintenance of wheelchair-accessible picnic tables is a necessary part of keeping these facilities in peak condition. Having disabled-access picnic tables can provide an inclusive experience to wheelchair and pushchair users, but this equipment must be kept well-maintained to remain safe and usable for all visitors. Regular cleaning, as well as any needed repairs or replacements, should be executed to make sure wheelchair-accessible picnic tables are durable and compliant with wheelchair safety regulations. This will ensure that wheelchair-users gain something from the picnic table experience, allowing them the same freedom and convenience enjoyed by the able-bodied public.

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Wheelchair Accessible Picnic Tables FAQs

Can I use a wheelchair-accessible picnic table with pushchairs?

Yes! wheelchair-accessible picnic tables are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. Not only do they provide wheelchair users with a comfortable experience, but wheelchair-accessible picnic tables also ensure pushchairs have plenty of space at the table too.

With a variety of shapes and sizes available, most pushchair models can fit comfortably at wheelchair-accessible picnic tables — and there’s usually room to spare! So if you’re planning on entertaining wheelchair users or guests with pushchairs, rest assured that wheelchair-accessible picnic tables are your ideal choice.

Are there any special considerations for wheelchair-accessible picnic tables in hot, cold or wet weather?

In cold or wet weather, you may need to take some additional steps to ensure the accessibility and comfort of wheelchair-accessible picnic tables. For example, you may need to clear snow or ice from the area around the table to make sure the user can easily roll up to it. You may also need to add a waterproof cover or canopy to the table to protect the user from rain or snow. Finally, you may want to consider providing additional heat or shelter for the user to ensure their comfort and safety in cold or wet weather.

What should I consider when choosing a picnic table for wheelchair users?

Always think about the location. Ask yourself, can a wheelchair safely and easily get to this table? If its going to go on grass a concrete base, large enough to accommodate the table and wheelchair needs to be laid. Alternatively our fastdek base can be used instead of a concrete base to create a hard standing.

What are wheelchair-accessible picnic tables?

Wheelchair-accessible picnic tables are tables that are designed to be used by people in wheelchairs. These tables typically have special features, including spaces along the picnic bench that allows wheelchair or pushchair access, making them easier to use for people with disabilities.