In a nutshell, we make anchors that go into the ground. But like every story, there’s more to it than that. Earth Anchors was founded over 50 years ago by Derek Towshend. At the start, our main product was the BT anchor. This was a cable guidewire system that stopped BTs wooden pylons from falling over. Rather than taking heavy machinery in a tight space or across a golf course to dig a hole for concrete, the BT anchor could be hand-carried into location and hammered into the ground vertically, then locked in place with an underground barb. This provides a cable tie-in spot with a pull out strength of 6-8 tons. The system was very successful with approximately 250,000 units sold and mostly still in the ground today.

This “ground anchor” eventually evolved in to smaller variants which were combined with a selection of street furniture that could now be installed in a grassed area without the need for concrete in a matter of minutes.

Over the years our furniture range has grown and evolved. We were one of the first companies to start using recycled plastic lumber purchased directly from Netherlands for our seating. Due to its popularity and practicality, this (along with dog waste bins) quickly became a big seller.

Red metal dog waste bin on a silver post to bolt it down

Our red dog waste bins are prolific across the south east of the UK. Shipped out as far as China these bins find themselves everywhere. Years of refinement on the design has yielded a bin that often makes it 20 years and is compatible with multiple ground fixing styles.

The smallest anchors we now offer our EA1 & 2 kits have evolved from out BT anchor in to a easily installable kit. The fastest and cheapest way to fix down a table, bench or planter to prevent theft or accidental tipping.

Sold to to the general public, distributors and competitors, this unique ground fixing is hugely popular.

Black octagonal recycled plastic picnic table

These heavy duty picnic tables are at home in a pub garden or a private garden. Made entirely from recycled plastic with a wood grain effect, each table comes with a parasol hole as standard.