Oak Benches

Are you looking for traditional oak benches or seats with backs? At Earth Anchors, we provide a complete range of benches for schools, parks, nature reserves, local councils, and organisations like the National Trust and the Woodland Trust.

Our quality oak seats and benches are delivered already assembled, and ready to use. They are handcrafted to get the best out of the wood, and pieces can be made bespoke to order. These include benches with extended legs that can be buried into the ground for longevity. Handcrafted from premium-quality oak, our robust wood benches are designed to withstand a lifetime outdoors while adding a touch of natural beauty to an outdoor area, park, or woodland.

All these oak benches are compatible with our soft and hard ground anchor kits for quick installation and are supplied assembled.

Can you provide bespoke benches and seating?

Yes, we are able to adjust existing designs to tailor them to your requirements or make custom furniture to perfectly fit in with your landscaping ideas and goals.

Is your wood sustainable?

We are committed to using responsibly sourced wood. Through FSC certification, we guarantee that our wood is sourced from meticulously managed forests, thereby reducing our environmental footprint and upholding the integrity of our products’ aesthetics.

I would like a memorial bench – what is the difference between engraving and plaques?

Direct engraving is similar to wood carving and presents a classic and refined appearance. Carefully carved in to the surface of the wood it provides a permanent memorial. On the other hand, brass and stainless and cast plaques offer a contemporary and sleek design, elevating the elegance of your memorial bench with a sense of enduring quality and resilience. We can advise you about the best solution to meet your requirements.

What is the typical lifespan of our oak benches and seating?

Our oak benches should last between 10-20 years, without any maintenance. Making them a durable and long-lasting furniture investment.

Will my bench develop a patina over time?

Yes, even with treatment, our oak benches will naturally develop a beautiful patina as they age, enhancing their rustic charm and character. This ageing process is a hallmark of solid wood furniture and adds to its aesthetic appeal.

Why do you use tung oil?

Over time, oak furniture will eventually weather to a silver colour. But, in particular wet situations the oak will first blacken as water reacts with the naturally occurring tannin in the wood. Tung oil helps prevent this as well as enhance the wood’s natural grain appearance while providing weather protection.

Are all your oak benches and seats made from solid oak?

Every oak bench in our inventory is constructed from the highest grade (QPA) of green oak. We proudly present a diverse selection of solid raw oak benches, all meticulously crafted to the highest standards and finest quality. Our range encompasses various styles, all constructed from solid oak. We prioritise affordability without compromising on quality, ensuring that our products offer the best value for your investment.

How are the benches secured to the ground?

The benches can be placed on hard or soft ground and fixed using ground fixing kits. These ready-made kits include bolts, screws, brackets, and anchors, ideal for securing benches and seats firmly in place. They serve as a reliable solution to deter theft, prevent accidental tipping, or unwanted relocation of outdoor furniture.

Do I need to assemble my new bench?

No, all our heavy duty benches and stools are delivered already assembled with the exception of the chunky oak bench, which arrives in two halves.

Do you offer bulk discounts for schools and organizations?

Yes, we do! We value our partnerships with schools, trusts, and local authorities. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements, and we’ll be happy to provide competitive pricing for bulk orders.

What maintenance is required for oak seating?

Oak is a low-maintenance wood, and left to naturally weather it will eventually take on a dark silver colour. This can slowed and controlled to ensure an even colour change with the addition of an oiled finish. Specifically, Tung Oil.

Can these oak benches be customized to fit specific spaces or themes?

Absolutely! We understand the importance of creating a cohesive outdoor environment. Contact our team, and we’ll be delighted to discuss customization options, including dimensions, finishes, and any special requirements to match your unique vision.

How does oak compare to other types of wood for outdoor seating?

Oak stands out as an exceptional choice for outdoor seating due to its natural resistance to decay and insects. Unlike some softer woods, oak can withstand the elements and maintain its integrity over the years, ensuring a long-lasting investment.

Oak Seats and Benches

Built to last for generations, these benches provide the perfect spot for relaxation or social gatherings. Oak complements various outdoor environments, be it a classic garden, a modern terrace with hard surfaces, or a vast park or woodland.

Its timeless appeal ensures lasting beauty, requiring minimal to no upkeep to endure for years, making it a worthwhile investment in quality craftsmanship. Left to age naturally, they slowly turn dark silver. We offer an application of tung oil, which slows the colour-changing process. We can also add memorial plaques and engravings to dedicate to loved ones.

With a focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility, we source our oak wood from responsibly managed forests, ensuring that your purchase contributes to preserving our natural resources.

What are the benefits of our outdoor oak benches and seats?

Oak benches are a classic choice because oak is known for its enduring beauty. With warm tones and strong grain, it adds a rustic elegance to any outdoor setting, from serene gardens to urban landscapes. They can be used for various purposes, including relaxing, reading or socialising.

Oak has an impressive durability, used for building ships and structures for hundreds of years, some of which still exist today. This is why oak is a hardwood known for its strength, longevity and resilience, with very little upkeep.

What should you consider when choosing an oak bench or seating?

We can provide chunky benches, and seating options in vary sizes, from slim two-seaters to individual oak cube seating. When selecting a bench, assess your dimensions, ensuring ample room for manoeuvring. You may also want to consider functionality and whether you would like seating with a back rest.

When thinking about the best location for your bench, consider elements such as sunlight exposure, shade availability, wind patterns, and proximity to other garden features.

We offer a variety of styles. These include versatile and practical backless benches that are a valuable addition to any seating area. We can also create bespoke designs, including Lutyens benches that exude style, elegance, and tradition, as well as memorial benches, where your loved one can have a timeless bench with their name on it.