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Bring your favourite games to the outdoors with our range of outdoor games tables. Choose from a wide selection of tabletop games and informative designs, including chess, draughts or snakes and ladders or provide a custom game-top table tailored exclusively to your preferences.

Our game tables are perfect for various settings, including schools, youth clubs, hotels, YMCA facilities, senior living communities, golf and country clubs, community centres, churches, or even your garden. There is plenty of space for a number of children to sit at the same time.

All elements are designed to withstand outdoor conditions and are weatherproof. The benches are made from recycled plastic, which means they are not only environmentally friendly but very strong and durable.

Game-top surfaces are printed with UV-stable inks to ensure resistance to fading. In the event of damage, they can be unscrewed, and new games can be fitted.

These game tables offer users an excellent opportunity to sit, socialise, and engage in games, enhancing their problem-solving and fine motor skills. Integrating them into a storytelling corner, other tables, or shelters allows the classroom to extend outdoors during the warmer months.

What guarantee do you offer?

Our recycled plastic picnic tables with benches offer an excellent addition to playgrounds or outdoor recreational areas. Constructed from recycled plastic with stainless steel fittings, each table has a 25-year guarantee against rot, splintering, and decay.

What are the other benefits of these tables?

An important benefit of outdoor game tables is their dual functionality as picnic tables when not in use for games. This versatility allows individuals to enjoy meals and then transition to outdoor games. Introducing game tables encourages prolonged stays at parks or outdoors, providing an added attraction.

I would like to add a plaque – is this possible?

Yes, all our picnic tables can have a memorial or commemorative plaque fixed to them to remember a loved one.

How are the benches secured to the ground?

The benches are versatile, suitable for placement on both hard and soft ground, and can be securely fixed using ground fixing kits, if you wish. These kits come complete with bolts, screws, brackets, and anchors, providing everything needed to secure benches and seats firmly. They offer a dependable solution to discourage theft and prevent accidental tipping or unwanted movement of outdoor furniture.

Can you provide bespoke games?

Yes, we believe in offering our customers the best choice. We can provide a range of games tailored to your unique preferences and requirements on request.

What are the benefits of recycled plastic tables?

Recycled plastic picnic tables are gaining popularity as people recognise the advantages of using recycled materials. Crafted from a mixture of various plastic waste, including items like hay bale wrap, drinks bottles, and milk jugs, these tables are environmentally supportive and durable.

Unlike traditional wood picnic tables, recycled plastic is resistant to rot, insect infestation, splintering, and fading, ensuring longevity. Its non-absorbent nature allows for easy cleaning with warm, soapy water, removing spills or bird droppings.

Available in various styles and sizes, these tables suit different outdoor settings, be it schools, playgrounds, or gardens. With growing environmental consciousness, recycled plastic picnic tables are increasingly preferred for outdoor spaces, offering durability and easy maintenance.

What are the benefits for children of playing chess?

There are many benefits of games like chess for children and other players. Playing chess enhances memory and concentration in children by requiring them to memorise moves and strategise, which aids in quicker learning and improved focus. Kids can improve pattern spotting and boost spatial memory.

Additionally, chess improves planning and organisational skills as players must think ahead to anticipate opponents’ moves. This skill extends to academic studies, where improved memory and concentration can positively impact overall performance. Chess also fosters creative thinking by necessitating unique strategies and moves, encouraging players to think innovatively to achieve victory.

Chess stimulates mental and psychological development by simultaneously engaging both hemispheres of the brain, reducing anxiety and enhancing problem-solving abilities. Furthermore, chess is proven to elevate IQ levels, as demonstrated by studies showing higher IQs among players.

As with all game-playing, it encourages learning from mistakes to improve future performance.

Thinking of starting a chess club?

The English Chess Federation, in conjunction with the Department of Education and Skills, has provided a how to guide on starting a chess club at a school or youth club.

How can snakes & ladders help with numeracy?

Playing Snakes and Ladders can improve numeracy skills through fundamental concepts like counting, number recognition, and basic arithmetic. Players count steps, recognise and identify numbers on the board and dice, and perform simple addition and subtraction when moving their pieces.

Additionally, the game introduces basic probability understanding as players navigate the board’s layout. Decision-making during gameplay encourages strategic thinking, fostering mathematical reasoning abilities in an enjoyable and interactive way.

Why play outdoors?

There are many reasons why playing outdoors has been proven to be beneficial for people of all ages. These include better sleep, reduced anxiety and stress, improved immunity and a boosted sense of well-being.

Research indicates that children who spend enough time outdoors are less likely to develop myopia, commonly known as near-sightedness.

How does playing outdoor games help with social skills?

Games provide an excellent opportunity to bring children together. Engaging in a game offers an effortless means for unfamiliar children to interact and communicate, or encourage quitter children to get involved. Through shared gameplay experiences, children establish a common bond as a foundation for future interactions.

Games provide many chances to acquire essential life skills such as patience, taking turns, adhering to rules, cooperation, remaining seated, teamwork, negotiation, and gracefully handling victory or defeat.

How long do our tables last?

Our recycled plastic picnic tables with benches offer an excellent addition to playgrounds or outdoor recreational areas. Constructed from recycled plastic with stainless steel fittings, each table has a 25-year guarantee against rot, splintering, and decay.

Unlike wooden counterparts, these tables resist moisture absorption and rot, making them suitable for outdoor use. With easy-to-clean surfaces, they require minimal maintenance and no annual painting or staining. Resilient to heavy-duty use, recycled plastic picnic tables ensure years of enjoyment and durability in any environment. The games are interchangeable, so they can be unscrewed and have new ones fitted in the event of damage.

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