Recycled Plastic Planters

Our modern recycled plastic planters are perfect if you want to revive your garden space, organise an allotment or even smarten up local community areas. We have a great range of commercial-grade planters in unique sizes to help you achieve all your horticultural dreams. Planters made from recycled plastic are impervious to rot and are frost proof and UV stable, making them extremely robust and durable, even in harsh environments. With a life expectancy of over 25 years, your planters will continue to look great year after year. There’s no need for time-consuming maintenance, so you can focus your precious time on creating a beautiful garden space. All our planters can be engraved with a house number, council name or other text, without detriment to their longevity. There is no need for wasteful liners as each planter comes with a pre-fitted 18mm recycled plastic base plate.
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What is recycled plastic?

Recycled plastic is the end product of the plastic recycling process. Used plastic is washed, chipped and extruded to create plastic lumber which we turn into planters. As plastic can be recycled seven to nine times, even at the end of the planter’s life it can be reused and given new life. This makes recycled plastic environmentally friendly and extremely hardwearing.

Recycled Planters FAQ

Q. How are recycled plastic planters made?
Used plastic is collected, sorted, washed, chipped and extruded into lumber. Once it arrives in our Surrey factory we cut and form it using traditional methods to make the planters you see here.
Q. How long do recycled planters last?
Our planters are extremely durable and have a life expectancy of over 25 years. That’s because unlike wood, they won’t splinter. And the screws used in our recycled plastic planters are stainless, ensuring longevity.
Q. Why switch to recycled plastic garden planters?
A. There are many benefits to using recycled plastic planters, including their durability, resistance to frost, and lack of harmful chemicals to preserve them, giving them great environmentally friendly credentials.
Q. How do I maintain a recycled plastic planter?
A. Our recycled plastic planters require no maintenance. They’ll last for years without you having to do a thing!
Q. What personalisation options do you offer?
A. All our planters can be engraved with a house number, council name or other text.

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What are the benefits of recycled plastic planters?

Why should you buy a recycled plastic planter? There are numerous benefits of using recycled plastic planters for the environment and our customers.
1. Highly durable
Our recycled plastic planters are rot, frost proof and UV stable. They are extremely
durable and designed for longevity. Our planters have a life expectancy of over 25
2. Reduces pollution
Recycling plastic instead of manufacturing it produces fewer greenhouse gases
and less plastic waste. This, in turn, reduces pollution of land and water.
3. Promotes sustainability
By producing recycled plastic products, Earth Anchors is contributing to a culture
of sustainability and providing people with the resources to lead a sustainable
4. Uses less energy
Recycled plastic uses up to 60% less energy than manufacturing a product from
virgin material.
5. Can be recycled multiple times
Many plastics can be recycled several times before they reach the end of their
lifecycle, making recycled plastic a highly sustainable material.
6. Reduce your ecological footprint
Consumers are more eco-conscious than ever before. Research suggests that the
coronavirus pandemic has led people to be more reflective and adopt new
priorities when shopping, including a move towards a more sustainable lifestyle.
Opting for recycled planters instead of those made from timber/wood will reduce
your ecological footprint.