Recycled Plastic Seats and Benches

We have a large range of recycled plastic seats and benches, whether you’re looking for a more traditional shape, like our Surrey seat or a more modern look, like our Monolith or Moulded styles.

This recycled plastic seating range is constructed from recycled plastics, so you could be helping the environment by using eco-friendly materials that would otherwise go to waste and sit in landfills. This repurposed material will not rot, degrade or be damaged by nature’s hazards.

Choose traditional black or brown recycled plastic benches, or enhance your space with our brightly coloured eco-friendly plastics! All colourways mimic a wood grain effect with a smooth and splinter-free finish and are available in various inclusive and accessible designs.

Our recycled plastic seats and benches are perfect for outdoor and commercial spaces and private and public use. Hardwearing, these products will withstand the rigours of life in a playground, park, pub or allotment — looking fantastic year after year!

What are the benefits of recycled plastic benches and seats?

If you are considering adding some new outdoor furniture to your business or home, recycled plastic benches and seats should be at the top of your list! Not only are they stylish and comfortable, but many other benefits come with choosing recycled plastic over other materials. Here are some great reasons why you should use recycled plastic seats and benches in your business or home:

No maintenance

When it comes to outdoor seating, recycled plastic is a great option. Not only do recycled plastic benches and seats look great from day one, but they also require minimal maintenance. Unlike wooden seating, recycled plastic does not need to be sanded, stained, or painted. It also won’t rot, crack, or splinter over time. This not only saves time and effort but also saves money on upkeep and replacement costs in the long run. So if you’re looking for outdoor seating that looks great and requires little maintenance, consider recycled plastic options.


Recycled plastic is a smart and eco-friendly option. It not only helps to reduce waste in landfills, but it also requires less energy to produce and is durable enough to withstand different weather conditions. Recycled plastic benches and seating offer a stylish and sustainable solution for public parks, backyard patios, and other outdoor spaces. And when the furniture does eventually reach the end of its lifespan, it can be recycled once more instead of sitting in a landfill. So next time you’re looking for new outdoor furniture, consider choosing recycled plastic for both style and sustainability.


Regarding outdoor seating, recycled plastic is a superior option to traditional softwood benches. Unlike wood, recycled plastic will never rot or degrade in any climate. This ensures that recycled plastic benches and seats can be used for years to come, and also eliminates the need for costly maintenance and repairs. Also, recycled plastic seating is incredibly durable and can withstand heavy use without showing wear and tear. When considering outdoor seating options, recycled plastic should be at the top of your list. It provides all the practical benefits without sacrificing sustainability.

Weather resistant

When considering seating for outdoor spaces, it’s important to consider weather resistance. Recycled plastic park benches and recycled plastic seats are resistant to warping or cracking. This adds to their durability and longevity and also ensures a consistently comfortable seated experience for users. However, because recycled plastic park benches are mostly sold in black, they can get hot during the summer. This can affect the comfort levels! In addition, recycled plastic seating is waterproof and resistant to fading from UV rays, making them ideal for year-round use in any climate. So if you’re looking for sustainable outdoor furniture that will stand up to whatever Mother Nature has in store, recycled plastic is a great choice.

Child safe

Not only are recycled plastic benches and seats environmentally friendly, but they also offer a safe option for young children. Unlike traditional wood or metal furnishings, recycled plastic does not have sharp edges or corners that could pose a threat to curious little hands and feet. So next time you’re looking for child-safe seating options, consider recycled plastic furniture as a practical and responsible choice. Remember, there’s a reason why schools and parks are installing recycled plastic seating rather than wood or metal these days.

Graffiti resistant

Not only is recycled plastic seating an environmentally responsible option, but it also offers added benefits such as being graffiti-resistant. Traditional materials, like wood, can be easily vandalised with spray paint or markers, but due to the non absorbent nature of recycled plastic the pigments won’t soak in and can be washed off.

This means recycled plastic seating will always maintain its beautiful appearance, even in high-traffic areas. So, when looking for durable, eco-friendly seating options, don’t forget the graffiti resistance of recycled plastic benches and seats.

Accessible and inclusive designs

In recent years, recycled plastic furniture has become an increasingly popular choice for parks, public spaces, and even individual backyards. With a growing emphasis on accessibility and inclusion in design, we have designed our recycled benches and seat using the latest anthropometric data making it suitable for the elderly to easily use. Other seating designs, such as the Xylophone Bench, come with a selection of height choices, so they’re perfect for any age group that you expect to use it. As you can see, there are many reasons why you should use recycled plastic benches and seats in your business or home! They require no maintenance, are eco-friendly, child-safe, graffiti resistant, and provide extremely practical private and commercial uses.

The Weight

When considering outdoor seating options, recycled plastic is an excellent option due to its heavyweight nature. It’s noticeably heavier than either timber or steel furniture. That makes it ideal for school settings! It’s certainly not going to blow away in the wind.

Recycled plastic seating vs wooden benches

Regarding outdoor seating, recycled plastic benches offer several advantages over traditional wooden benches. First and foremost, recycled plastic is completely impervious to water damage and will not rot or decay with regular exposure to the elements. This means that maintenance costs for recycled plastic benches are significantly lower than for wooden benches, as they do not need to be regularly treated or replaced.

Recycled plastic benches are available in various colours and styles, allowing for greater customisation in outdoor spaces. Not only are recycled plastic garden benches a durable and low-maintenance option, but they also support sustainability efforts by using materials that would have otherwise been discarded in landfills.

Why settle for a wooden bench that will eventually decay and break down? Choose recycled plastic seating for a zero-maintenance solution that’s good for the environment. Not sure what you need? Contact the Earth Anchors team , and we’ll talk you through the best kind of outdoor seating that meets your exact needs.

Recycled plastic seating FAQs

Can I personalise a recycled plastic bench in memory of someone?

If you’re looking to personalise a recycled plastic bench in memory of a loved one or special event, we offer the option to add an engraved inscription or plaque with our memorial benches . Plus, we’ll send you a mock-up of how it will look before it’s made. Choosing recycled plastic not only honours your loved one or event in a unique way but also helps support sustainable practices.

Will recycled plastic seats and benches ever get splinters or crack or rot?

Regarding recycled plastic seating and benches, there is no need to worry about the unsightly and painful splinters or cracks that can develop with traditional wood furniture. Recycled plastic park benches and recycled plastic bench materials are durable and long-lasting, and they also never require painting or staining. And unlike wood, recycled plastic material will never rot due to outside elements like moisture or insects. So not only are recycled plastic options a more environmentally-friendly choice, but they also provide added peace of mind for parks, schools, and other outdoor spaces needing reliable seating solutions.

What is recycled plastic seating made of?

Recycled plastic seating, such as recycled plastic park benches or recycled plastic benches, is made from a blend of plastic waste such as hay bale wrapping or drinks bottle manufacturing. Used plastics are collected, sorted, washed, and processed into plastic lumber, which is then used in the manufacturing process to create recycled plastic seating products. Not only does using recycled plastics reduce waste and support sustainability efforts, but it also ensures that our seating products have a long lifespan and can potentially be recycled again at the end of their use. So not only are recycled plastic seating products environmentally friendly, but they are also a practical choice for outdoor spaces.


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