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Environmental Policy

The Company is aware of its responsibilities in relation to the environment and will make every effort to undertake practices and procedures that are sympathetic to the overall needs of the environment. This will be achieved through a series of controls designed to ensure that environmental considerations are put high on the list of the Company’s priorities.

The practical effects of this policy will be achieved through the following measures:

The Company will:

  • Operate an energy management system covering efficient heating methods and heat conservation.
  • Devise and operate practices to minimise energy usage utilising timers, low consumption lamps and switching off equipment when not in use.
  • Ensure that the quality of lighting makes optimum use of natural light and that all artificial lights comply with regulations as well as practical considerations.
  • Monitor noise levels to ensure that the lay-out of the work place and production methods minimise wherever possible distraction, stress or other potential hazards resulting from excessive noise.
  • Ensure that the usage of water is minimised but that the health, safety and welfare of all employees is protected. That whenever possible recycling of water is considered to minimise wastage.
  • Ensure that careful consideration is given to the disposal of all waste products in accordance with environmental considerations and appropriate licensing, that only safe liquids will be poured into drainage systems and that careful attention will be given to the disposal of potentially hazardous material.
  • Consideration will also be given to the recycling of waste materials through appropriate national and local schemes.
  • Minimise packaging materials and recycle packaging materials wherever possible.
  • Acquaint all employees with the contents of this policy and the need to consider environmental issues during their day to date work. All induction training of new staff will include reference to this policy and emphasise the need to consider conservation issues.

Generally the Company will undertake to introduce targets for progressive improvement in conservation. All the above points will be taken into account during the preliminary design stages of any new products.