Ground Fixing Kits

Ready made kits consisting of bolts, screws, brackets and anchors. Perfect for fixing seats, benches, tables, planters or even a child’s swing in place. Perfect for preventing theft, accidental tipping or unwanted moving of outdoor furniture.

How do I choose a ground-fixing kit?

First consider the product, our steel framed seats and tables have been designed to be secured in place with plain bolts or 2 or 3 square tube anchors. For our timber and recycled plastic furniture you will need a kit that starts with the prefix EA. The ground fixing kits come supplied with brackets that can be attached to the leg of outdoor seat, table or planter to create a suitable fixing method.

Next consider what are you attaching to? The ground type determines what ground fixing kit you need. We have put together premade kits which are ideally suited for specific applications. For mounting to grass and soil a EA1 or EA2 Soft ground anchor kit is required. For concrete, choose the EA3 Concrete Bolt down kit . Each kit is named after the substrate it was designed to hold to. The exception here is for mounting to a decking structure, for this you would choose the paving slab kits and not use the supplied rawlplug.

One ground fixing kit consisting of two brackets is enough to hold a single piece of furniture by fixing down the opposite corners.

What can ground anchor kits be used for?

For safely and quickly securing any outdoor furniture from theft, accidental tipping or extreme weather. Ground fixings and ground anchors are essential for securing outdoor furniture, shelters, and playsets. Our ground fixings can effectively hold down structures in all weather and terrain. Our fixing kits can be used on nearly any free-standing item. Whether it’s a seat, bench, picnic table, planter, or swinging seat. All you need is to be able to screw into the piece of furniture or have a bolt hole near the base to attach our kit to.

Ground anchors come in various sizes and designs, from lightweight versions for smaller items to heavy-duty ground anchors for larger structures. Whether you want to hold down a lightweight recycled plastic bench or set up a permanent and large picnic table, ground fixings and ground anchors ensure that your furniture and equipment stay safe and secure.

Why choose Earth Anchors for your ground fixings?

It’s in the name. We’ve got 50 years of experience in making ground anchors. Our anchors are designed around the principle of “fit and forget”. Once installed you should never need to look at it again. No maintenance required, no need to worry.

When it comes to ground fixings, Earth Anchors is the top choice. We also offer exceptional delivery and customer service, with many products in stock to respond rapidly to urgent orders. And we ship all over the world! When it comes to ground fixings, choose Earth Anchors for a lasting solution.

Ground Fixing Kits FAQs

What Ground Fixings do I need?

We split the ground into two categories, “hard” and “soft” ground. We define “soft” as grass or soil and “hard” as concrete, tarmac, paving slabs or bricks.

From there we’ve made a selection of kits for multiple scenarios to ensure you can always fix your item of furniture down.


What is an “Anchor”?

When we refer to “Anchors” we are talking about a mounting method which is a steel tube, with a point, that you drive into the ground with a slide hammer. Allowing the rapid installation of our furniture in grass or mud, without the need for concrete or digging.

It’s our own system (hence the company name) which we designed originally for anchoring BT pylons.  This evolved to be shrunk down so it is compatible with a range of seats, benches, tables and bins.

How to use an Earth Anchor kit

Most of our ground fixing kits are very straight forwards to install. It often involves attaching the metal bracket to a table leg using the screws provided and then either hammering an anchor in or drilling down through the bracket to fit a bolt or rawl plug.

Installation instructs are provided in each kit, or you can find them here. For our EA1 & 2 kits you can watch the video to see how to install and how they work.

Can a ground fixing kit be used on a competitors product?

Of course! Its imperative that all outdoor furniture in public spaces is safely fixing to the ground to prevent it from theft, accidental tipping or unwanted repositioning.

For timber and plastic furniture our EA1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 & 8 are suitable depending on the ground type. For cast iron and steel seats our EA6 kit has a plate that can be drilled to match non Earth Anchors products and bolted on.

What is the difference between the EA1 & EA2 Kit

Our EA2 kit is the starter kit which comes with a set of reusable installation tools. You will only need a single EA2 kit and from there you can install multiple EA1 Kits.

The tools allow you to hammer the anchor in to the ground without damaging the top of the anchor or accidently driving out the fluke too early.

You will still need a hammer and screwdriver to fit these kits.