Memorial Plaques

Welcome to our exquisite collection of memorial plaques, where craftsmanship meets heartfelt remembrance. Our memorial plaques are designed to honour and cherish the memories of your loved ones in a timeless and elegant manner. A lovely addition to any seat, table or even planter. From here you can purchase a plaque to fit yourself on an existing piece of furniture. Choose from the traditional brass plaque or stainless steel. Or opt for something more substantial in either cast aluminium or cast bronze. Fully personalisable with wording, symbols, and motifs. By purchasing a plaque from us you can benefit from our years of experience to best advise you of the most suitable options for your intended location and style. To help you with your decisions we supply free of charge draft layout before production to ensure you are happy with the outcome.

What size commemorative plaques do we offer?

The prices shown are for plaques 150 x 50mm. This is our most common size and will accommodate for approximately 60 characters. Don’t feel limited to this size as we can do nearly any size up to 400mm square. Here are some of the recent size memorial plaques we’ve undertaken; 70 x 30mm, 100 x 50mm, 150 x 65mm, 200 x 50mm,  200 x 150mm, 300 x 300mm, 300 x 400mm.

Fixing methods

All our memorial plaques are supplied with screws. Allowing you to surface mount your plaque to a wall, bench, table, planter, or grave headstone. Thicker plaques are recessed in. we can recess in the thinner plaques but must be requested.

How are the Plaques Delivered

If ordered with another piece of furniture from Earth Anchors, we will assume your memorial plaque is to be attached to that item but will always call to confirm. It will therefore be delivered to at the same time and on a pallet. If ordered on its own, plaques take between 5-10days to arrive via a courier.

Caring for a Memorial Plaque

The cast bronze, aluminium and stainless-steel memorial plaques are maintenance free. Obviously, dirt may need periodically cleaning off. But otherwise they require nothing more. Brass plaques unfortunately will need frequent polishing to keep them looking fresh and bright using the appropriate cleaner.

How do I buy a Memorial Plaque for a Bench

You can add the memorial plaque you want to your basket with the text that you would like written on it and add the item of furniture you wish to ad it to.

Or, you can drop us an email and we will send you a quotation and a mock-up of how it will look.

How long does it take to make a Memorial Plaque?

All of out memorial plaques now only take several days to make. Even the cast aluminium and cast bronze can be with you in as little as 10 days.

Commemorative Plaques for Benches: Preserving Legacies

Preserve the legacy of a special individual with our commemorative plaques for benches. These plaques not only enhance the beauty of the surroundings but also serve as a meaningful remembrance, fostering a connection between past and present. For people, pets, and for the service of others.

How are our Engraved Memorial Plaques Made?

Each of our memorial plaques is meticulously crafted with precision and care using the latest technology, such as laser and CNC engravers. We work closely with you to ensure you receive a lasting tribute that captures the essence of your cherished memories. Our methods add a personal touch, creating a beautiful and enduring tribute.

Everything on your memorial plaque is bespoke. The font, wording and layout is up to you. We provide you with draft layouts every step of the way so that once you are happy with the design we will make it to match your expectations.

Bench Plaques: A Tranquil Remembrance

Our bench plaques provide a serene way to commemorate the lives of loved ones. Whether placed in a memorial garden, park, or any special location, these bench plaques serve as a peaceful reminder of cherished moments shared with those we hold dear.

Brass, Stainless, Aluminium or Bronze. What’s the best?

Each material has its own benefits and sometimes its down to personal preference. We often recommend stainless steel for memorial plaques over brass as they don’t tarnish with time. They are much easier to clean and look brilliant for years to come.

Cast aluminium and bronze plaque are approximately 8mm thick. Making them that’s ideal for wall mounting without a backing plate. If you want to add yours to a commemorative bench we choose to recess them into the back slat for a flush and professional finish.

Cast aluminium memorial plaques are available in a selection of colours. From royal blue, same as the historical markers used by English Heritage. To vibrant red, making a profound statement with this memorial plaque.

The cast bronze memorial plaques are by far the most captivating of all the commemorative options available. Made using methods that haven’t changed in centuries but with the aid of modern machinery we are now able to add images, logos and symbols with ease. These are the highest quality plaques available to buy.

Suitable for a few words or many with the addition on logos and motifs. The advantage of both the cast bronze and aluminium memorial plaques are available with a ground stake for placing in a memorial garden, at a grave or in a personal garden.

What to engraved on your commemorative plaque

An inscription on your plaque doesn’t have to be long. It could be as simple as:

“In loving memory of mum or dad” or “In loving memory of our faithful dog”

This combined with a date is all you may need to make a tribute to a missed one. But don’t feel limited to a couple words, your memorial plaque can be as big or small as you want it to be. If its a commemorative plaque for a bench, there is a limit to the height, but not the width. Alternatively, multiple plaques can be added as a more cost effective option.

Not every engraved plaque needs to be for commemorative purpose. We’ve produced engraved plaques with QR codes for information about a local area or helpline numbers. Tree or wall memorial plaques are a brilliant way of having a large amount of text engraved on without the limit of what it will be mounted to.

Memorial plaques with pictures and motifs

Hearts, tennis rackets, animals, company logos, royal and military symbols can all be added to our memorial plaques.

On all of our plaques we can add a wide selection of imagery weather its for a stainless commemorative plaque, cast aluminium or cast bronze.

Contact the Earth Anchors team to add a memorial plaque to your seat, bench, table or planter today!

King Charles Coronation Plaque
REME Logo for Cast Bronze Plaques
Laser Engraved Stainless Steel Memorial Plaque with Tennis Rackets